Strategic Operations - Hyperrealistic - still images (8)   

Strategic Operations -Hyperrealistic

HD video, sound, color
21min 19sec

Film location
Fort Irwin military base
Mojave Desert

Supported by
Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

This is artist’s third film about movie special effects following her previous work A Story of Elusive Snow(2013)and Ghost Picnic(2010).

Strategic operations Hyper-realistic(2015)is about various layers of visuality occurring in Mojave Desert areas. 

This movie-set like military base was co-created by the U.S government & a Hollywood special effects companies(”Strategic Operations-Hyperrealistic” is a SFX company’s name). In order to make the military training experience more realistic, the special effects companies built Baghdad in the California desert.

In addition to the SFX -military base, this desert is also used as film locations for Iron man, Star Wars, Star Trek, Zabriskie Point, etc. The artist navigates the chronological usage of this desert. 

전략적  오퍼레이션 -

HD 비디오, 사운드, 컬러
21분 19초

촬영 장소
모하비 사막 (캘리포니아, 미국)

후원 서울문화재단

Strategic Operations - Hyperrealistic - still images (3)

Installation image  - Film Locations & Found footage origin

Installation view @ “Film Montage” Coreana Museum, Seoul (2015)

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