Ghost Picnic - still images(3)

Ghost Picnic

Single channel video,
stereo sound, color

Performance documentation
at Namyangju Film Set**

Ghost Picnic is Minha Park’s first piece of a series that explore fantasy of ‘unreachable place’ and magic of cinematic representation. Minha Park’s original plan was to see the border between South and North Korea JSA(Joint Security Area). However, she realized that this border area is highly restricted for South Koreans to access while foreigners can enter this area relatively easily via tour companies. So she planned performance to react to this irrational system and exhibited border.

Instead of going to the real border, she found a replicated border-JSA movie set in South Korea. The artist transformed herself as a ghost and entered in this fictional JSA and enjoyed her own picnic. After watching her video, some viewers were surprised and confused since they thought the artist visited the actual border. This reaction was common since most of the South Koreans could only see this border through movies or TV screens. Starting with this piece, the artist created works about the power of image created by film media which can magically transform fiction into reality.


싱글채널 비디오
스테레오 사운드, 컬러


퍼포먼스 기록영상 
남양주 종합촬영 세트장 **

      Installation view (2011) 


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