A Story of Elusive Snow - still image (3)

A Story of Elusive Snow

single channel video, stereo sound, color, 14min 33sec, 2013

Produced by Minha Park
Film by Minha Park

Music from
- Morton Feldman
“Piece for Violin & Piano” “Extensions #1”
- Ivan Carames “Snow Cup” 

A Story of Elusive snow is a story of a woman who seeks Seoul’s snow in Los Angeles. Minha Park identifies herself with snow as a stranger in Los Angeles.

However, her seemingly impossible attempt to find snow encountered unexpected results. Interestingly, Los Angeles was filled with numerous different representations of snow. There were lots of synthetic snow effects for Hollywood movie industries. From discovering special effects factories called ‘Snow Business Hollywood’ to ‘Magic Snow Co.’ which is working for shopping malls in downtown L.A, she could finally find this melancholic winter, white Christmas, in L.A.

In this film, her personal longing for snow meets with our more fundamental desire towards elusive time, magic, and illusion.

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싱글채널 비디오,
스테레오 사운드,
컬러, 14분 33초

감독 박민하

카메라 박민하

모튼 팰드먼
- 바이올린과 피아노를 위한 음악
- 확장 #1
이반 카라메스
- 스노우컵

Weather Machine 날씨기계  (2016)

Snow Business Installation (2013)

A Story of Elusive Snow - Installation view @ “December” Audiovisual Pavilion (2016)

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