Dandong Travelog - still image (4)

Dandong Travelog  단동여행기 

single channel video, stereo sound, color, 12min 44sec, 2012

Dandong Travelog is Minha Park’s second piece of series work about the North Korean border. The previous work Ghost Picnic (2010) was about JSA (Joint Security Area) between North and South Korea.

Dandong Travelog, this video essay started with three North Koreans that Park encountered during her trip to the border of North Korea located in China. The entire moment of the gaze captured by her camera was 1min 52sec. From the very last frame of each footage - the photographic image, she wrote a fictional story about their personal life. However, simultaneously, all of these detailed assumptions ironically emphasize the reality that she cannot overcome—the visual frame as a South Korean and tourist.


Screening view @ “JGJJ The Play Court” K-Arts, Seoul, KR (2016)

3 channel video installation version @ Main Gallery, CalArts,Valencia,  US (2012)

Installation version @ 

"Travelers" Galerie der HBK, Braunschweig, DE (2012)

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