Remixing Timespace - still image (7)

Remixing Timespace
Installation view @ “Artspectrum 2016” Leeum Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul (2016)

Remixing Timespace

music video 
24min, loop

Production by Minha Park
Film by Minha Park

Found Sound:
Golden Record, Sun Ra,
Sound design  Ivan Carames


10min & 24min
two channel monitor installation

Supported by 
Leeum Samsung Museum of Art

Remixing Timespace (2016) accounts human beings’ continuous attempt to explore fantasy beyond ‘time’ and the ‘Earth’.

Among various resources from the archives about the universe, the filmmaker’s major interest was the music sent to the universe. Multiple types of music transmitted across the universe present in the film. The filmmaker creates a non-linear music video based on the diverse references.
리믹싱 타임스페이스 

24분, 반복재생

기획 박민하
영상 박민하

파운드 사운드:
골든 레코드, Sun Ra, 윌.아이.엠
사운드 디자인&믹싱 이반 카라메스


10분, 24분 
2채널 비디오 설치

후원 리움삼성미술관

Installation view @ “Artspectrum 2016” Leeum Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul (2016)

Lecture performance @ “ARTSPECTRUM 2016” Leeum Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul

Tomorrowland (2016) inspired by sci-fi space station also functions as a passage to the black box. There are 4 photographs extracted from movies and ancient remains show how the concept of Future and space have been depicted by human beings.

Each video plays the contents of the Space Act of 2015 and the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 in two monitors. These two different laws about the Stars and the moon tell us about how our perception of the Star has been changed. 

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