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Minha Park is an image researcher and filmmaker based in Seoul. She earned her MFA from the California Institute of the Arts (US) in 2013 and was selected as an Art Council Korea fellow by Künstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin) in 2023 where she held her solo exhibition Shadow Planet (2023). Park’s films and video installations have been exhibited and screened at renowned venues, such as Lux Moving Image (UK), Archive Books (DE), National Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art Seoul (KR), Leeum Samsung Museum (KR), Seoul Museum of Art (KR), MoCA Busan (KR), Nam June Paik Art Center (KR), Doosan Gallery (KR), the 27th Images Festival (CA/ Vtape award), the 72nd Edinburgh International Film Festival (UK/ Special Mention), the 56th Gijon International Film Festival (ES), etc. 

Minha Park’s practice explores politics of image by observing how media technologies shape our sensory world in socio-cultural and historical contexts. Her work, which spans experimental documentaries, video installations, concerts, and publications, decodes images and dissects the knowledge system and colonial gaze embedded in the macro visual frames. Her poetic and magical works focus on capturing and critically examining the phenomenon of media parasitizing on places or objects. For this, speculative narration traverses across the border, military bases, artificial snow, and planetary image archives. This journey is also a story of genealogy of media, how different media disappear, blend, or revive over time.

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