Minha Park x Ryu Hankil, 40min, transparent LP record, 2021

eek LP record reverses the anthropological project of the Golden Record (1977) and attempts an impossible dialogue with the objects other than human being. Minha Park and Ryu Hankil, each devise their own sonic methods to solve this conundrum.

side A. Greetings(16’20”) - Ryu Hankil
side B. TomOSynCaNana(19’21”) - Minha Park

Minha Park conceptualized this LP record. Musician Ryu Hankil and producer Hanbum Lee particiated to create this piece. It was published and distributed by Rasun Press.

concept Minha Park
sonification Ryu Hankil
mastering Changhee Kim
Image script(cartoon) Minha Park design Moosick Gang
production Hanbum Lee
publication Rasun Press
support Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture