Photography exhibition /sale platform,
<The Scrap> 2018.

10:00 - 19:00 (last entry at 18:30)

<The Scrap> exhibit/sale 1,000 images created by 100 participating teams.

This edition’s line up is now released. 
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In June 9, see you at Culture Station Seoul 284.

Exhibition of Exhibition of Exhibition


Screening & Forum  

《Exhibition of Exhibition of Exhibition》

세실극장 Cecil Theater


권혁규 박재용 안대웅 장진택 조은비 최정윤


강신대 구동희 권혜원 김경묵 김다움 김세진 김실비 김아영 김영글 김웅용 김웅현 김하경달린 김혜원 김희천 남화연 노영미 돈선필 무진형제 믹스라이스 박광수 박민하 백종관 손광주 신정균 안성석 안정주 여다함 염지혜 오민 오민욱 옥인콜렉티브 이세옥 이오은 임고은 임영주 임철민 장지우 전소정 정은영 정재훈 조익정 주연우 차미혜 차재민 최이다 파트타임스위트 함금엽 함정식 함혜경

김장언, 김지훈, 방혜진, 이영철, 현시원



ARTSPECTRUM [χ]  "Stars and Overlapped Time”

Unfolding her continuous interest in illusion, a fabricated fantasy, by means of metamedia-like languages, Minha Park presents 24-min video Remixing Timespace and installation Tomorrowland in ARTSPECTRUM 2016. Ivan Carames Bohigas who composed music for Remixing Timespace will join Park for this lecture performance. The two artists will summon footage and sound dormant somewhere in an external hard disk drive, and data in the Internet universe through their live performance, talking about a history of the fantasy about stars and its circulating temporality.

■ Date & Time: 14:00-16:30, Saturday 23rd July 2016
■ Speaker & Performer: Minha Park(lecture), Ivan Carames Bohigas(experimetal cello performance)
■ Venue: Workshop Room, Ground Gallery
■ Sign-Up:  15th - 23rd July 2016, via the Leeum website

"Spaceship Earth floats in the universe, and we are its passengers."

The term 'Spaceship Earth' first coined in the 19th century was later quoted by George Orwell, and then was materialized in the enormous geodesic dome of E.P.C.O.T(Tomorrowland), a failed utopian city by Walt Disney. The attempts to transcend the limits of Earth's spatiotemporality, which was the context of life of humanity for long, led to ritualistic economy of space development. What is on view in Remixing Timespace, such as E.P.C.O.T's Spaceship Earth structure, NASA's launch platform for an expedition of the Moon, and Space X's sites of Mars exploration are all places where these efforts were made. In "Stars and Overlapped Time," you will have a chance to take a look at many of Park's research materials that were not included in the resulting video. This lecture performance is to think together about the question as to where we should be heading under the circumstances in which different living conditions are collapsing.


Okulo x Minha Park

solo screening + artist talk       March 12  2016 @ The Book Society, Seoul

Double Nature section   Filmmmakers’ GV

2014 April 27th  Images Festival
@ Jackman Hall, Ontario Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada 


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