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Installation view @ “New Skin: Modeling & Attaching” Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul (2015)

Strategic Operations -
Business card

4 channel video** 
Multi Channel audio

<Strategic Operations – Business card> not only just exists as a film set but also functions as a military strategy showcase. The two screens are showing analog SFX special effects recipe that are used for the realistic military training. The sound effects of the war intermittently fill the exhibition space.  The whole scene deconstructs spectacle of the war.

After the advent of the green screen and CGI special effects, the demand of analog special effects has been continuously declined. The physical representation technologies have been absorbed into the military strategy as a consequence of this phenomenon.

전략적  오퍼레이션 -

4 채널 비디오 설치** 
멀티채널 오디오

< Robot Television-Bomber >  

Screening & Lecture event @ Ilmin Museum of Art

Screening: < Strategic Operations - Hyperrealistic> 22min
Lecture: Minha Park X Unseong Yoo
July 25 (SAT) 2pm - 5pm 

스크리닝: <전략적 오퍼레이션 - 하이퍼리얼리스틱> 22분
강연 : 박민하 X 유운성
일시 : 7월 25일(토) 오후 2시 - 오후 5시


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