Out of the Silent Planet (2019)  still images

Out of the Silent Planet

single channel video, stereo sound, color

Film by Minha Park
Camera Minha Park
Rotoscope animation
Minha Park
Sound production Inchul Cho

Film location
NASA KSC / Visiting Center

Commissioned by

Out of the Silent Planet depicts mankind's two fundamental desires: one is our longing for the concept of ‘Utopia and Future’, and the other is human beings’ constant attempts to create  representations of the world through images.

Recently with Mars exploration, the created ‘futuristic’ images by aerospace industry of the 21st century reminded us of sci-fi animation films of the 60s and 70s.
Along with the historic recurrence in the aerospace industry, Minha Park transformed the actual footages to animation in order to disclose fictional vibe of the facts found in research and filming process.

The only survived Mars rover ‘Curiosity’ appears as a last prophet ‘Malachi’ in this film. The narrator in the film is obsessed with Malachi’s photos that consistently film the surface of Mars.

침묵의 행성 밖에서

싱글채널비디오,스테레오 사운드,컬러


감독 박민하
촬영 박민하
애니메이션 박민하
사운드 프로덕션 조인철

NASA KSC / Visiting Center

 부산현대미술관 커미션

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