Dust Devil and the Secret Lake
《Dust Devil and the Secret Lake》 published! ✨️

The photographs transmitted to Earth from another planet give off an air of suspense, just like pieces of evidence from a crime scene. The book reconstructs the events into one linear fiction with 10 chapters, through both the eyes of the rovers living on Mars and the eyes of the artist living on Earth.

Dust Devil and the Secret Lake (2020)

Prologue / The Genesis of Objects / Translation / Synchronization / Post-Apocalypse / The Secret Lake / Mars’ Two Sons / The Fall of the Twin Machines / Dust Devil / Survivor / Extraterrestrial Planetary Drama

Author: Minha Park
Editor: Hanbum Lee
Designer: Moonsick Kang
Printing: Goeun Printing
Publication: Rasun Press
Language: Korean
Size: 230x310mm
Pages: 240p
ISBN: 979-11-965400-6-7(43450)
Price: 35,000KRW
Distribution: Rasun Press