installation view

installation view

Dialogue 77-08-12

sound installation
revolving chair, black light, fluorescence mural


Director   Minha Park
Installation   Minha Park
sound production
Minha Park  X  Inchul Cho

Supported by
Nam June Paik Art Center

Dialogue 77-08-12 is made up of the archive of various sounds and visual signs sent to the universe from 1962 to 2012. Like Moon Museum sent to the moon by Apollo 12 and Golden Records attached to the Voyager 1& 2. I collected all those messages and created a cosmic theater. 

These visual signs lit by black lights in the darkness and the audio signals filling the dark room construct a cosmic theater bearing the traces of dialogue which have not yet reached or completed. Humankind’s effort to communicate with possible  extraterrestrial beings and the future genenration of the Earth expands out imagination and understanding of other creatures, as well as makes us pay attention to both the limitations and possibilities of our Spaceship Erath.

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