Dialogue 77-08-12  – radio broadcasting

Minha Park x Inchul Cho
2019, sound broadcasting, Kchung Radio Station AM 1630

19.May.2019 “Minha Park - Dialogue 77-08-12”  18:00 

In 77-08-12, Inchul Cho and Minha Park collect and remix various sound signals that humanity has sent out into cosmic space from the 1960s onwards. These include three sets of Morse code from Russia, the Golden Record, Across the Universe, and Reach for the Stars-radio signals sent out by humans in an attempt to communicate with extraterrestrial lifeforms-are still wander through space. Minha Park envisioned a stratum of sound that cannot be sensed directly by human ears. 77-08-12 is a sound project that begins from this very motif. 77-08-12 has been released as radio waves at 7pm on Sunday, May 19, 2019, from the KCHUNG radio station in LA. The waves become vibrations that wander in the air and are transmitted to anonymous recipients.