A Story of Elusive Snow
2013, 15min, FHD, single channel video, stereo sound, b&w/color
A Story of Elusive Snow is the first piece in Park Minha’s California film special effects series. As Christmas approaches, the artist comes to miss the winters in Seoul and starts out on an impossible quest to find snow in LA, which does not have snow. Her reckless attempt takes her instead into encounters with various materials that have the appearance of snow. These were produced for a white Christmas and for cinema. Materials made by Hollywood film special effects companies named Snow Business, Magic Snow, and the like. The film begins by discovering magical moments in which it is made to snow in LA. This is a film about fantasies involving that which eludes the grasp, that which disappears; a film about the image itself.

still from A Story of Elusive Snow 

still from A Story of Elusive Snow  

Installation view @ Audiovisual Pavillion, 2016 “December”  
Installation view @ CalArts, 2013 Open Studio

A Story of Elusive Snow Production credit

A film by Minha Par
Camera1/Edit/Script/voice performance  Minha Park
Camera2  Felix Kim
Film location   Grove Mall, Los Angeles, U.S./Hollywood blvd. Los Angeles/Snow Business Co.
Found Image “Below Zero”(1930) Laurel & Hardy/“The Gold Rush”(1925) Charles Chaplin/“The Ordeal of Mrs.Snow”(1964) The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Season 2. Episode 25./Snow Business Catalogue
Music “Piece for Violin&Piano”/“Extensions #1”Morten Feldman/“Snow Cup” Iván Caramés
Sound mixing Craig Smith

Production Year 2012 - 2013